Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework

GMEF is a tool to measure the extent of the gender mainstreaming efforts of organizations, both national government agencies (NGAs) and local government units (LGUs). It is also meant to assist the Gender and Development Focal Point System (GFPS) members in measuring gains and successes, as well as pinpoint areas for improvement in the way they mainstream the gender and development (GAD) perspective in organizations.


Assess the progress of an organization’s efforts in ensuring that its people, whether top management, GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) members or employees are gender-responsive and supportive of the organization’s gender mainstreaming efforts.

Philippine Army Women Pie Progress

The current percentage of women in the army is 3.6%, both officers and enlisted personnel.

Data of women in the Philippine Army

(Total Philippine Army Strength)

GAD Sensitivity Training (GST) Trained

2015 – 4.9%
2016 – 15.7%
2017 – 17%

GAD Pool of Trainers and Subject matter Experts – 571Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) GAD Resource Pool members – 2

  • Philippine Army GAD Focal Point System Executive Committee
  • Philippine Army GAD Focal Point System Technical Working Group
  • Gender Based Violence Referral System – Technical Working Group
  • National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security – Technical Working Group
  • Family Welfare Advancement Program – Technical Working Group
  •  Family Welfare Advancement Program – Advisory Group
  • Combat Stress Management Support – Technical Working Group


Track the progress of an organization’s in integrating GAD in its plans and policy issuances.

Development, Review and Revision of Policies

  • 2014 – 6
  • 2015 – 5
  • 2016 – 7
  • 2017 – 4 

GAD Offices

  • Headquarters Philippine Army (HPA) – 1
  • Philippine Army Major Units (PAMUs) – 28

Collection and maintenance of sex-disaggregated database

  • Female Officer – 737
  • Female Enlisted Personnel- 7682

Conduct of organization-wide gender audit 

  • 2014 – Philippine Army Major Units (PAMUs) – 27
  • 2015 –  Headquarters Philippine Army (HPA) – 38
  • 2016 – Training school -19, Military Treatment Facility – 1

Capacity Building for GAD Focal Point System and Human Resource of organization

  • GAD Orientations
  • Gender Sensitivity Seminars / Training
  • Gender Fair Education / Seminar
  • Gender Peace and Security
  • Gender Based Violence Referral System Training
  • Combat Stress Management Seminar / Stress Debriefing

Statements issued in support of GAD-related activities

  • Women’s Month activities and 18-day Campaign on VAW 2010 up to present
  • Gender-Based Violence Referral System (GBVRS)
  • Gender, Peace and Security (NAPWPS)
  • Combat Stress Management Support (CSMS)
  • Family Welfare and Advancement Program (FWAP)

Enabling Mechanisms

 Assess the progress of an organization’s efforts in ensuring that mechanisms to mainstream the GAD perspective are established and fully functional.

GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) and GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR) for the same fiscal year

Projects Activities and Program

Assess the organization’s progress in mainstreaming GAD in all of its programs, activities and projects, whether through policy and/or plan formulation and issuances, capacitating the GAD Focal Point System (GFPS) members, generating top-level management support on GAD and the establishment of enabling GAD mechanisms.

Women’s Month Celebration
Recognition to the contributions of the Filipino women in our society and the Philippine Army was one of the consistent supporter since 2010 in this endeavor.

PA-Wide Observance of 18-Day Campaign to End VAW
The international observance of the 18-day campaign to End Violence Against Women from 25 November to 12 December is a yearly program of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) with the intent to raise awareness among all stakeholders that VAW is a public issue of national concern.